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What is the meaning of admissive in Hindi?

Meaning of admissive in Hindi is : स्वीकारी

Definition of word admissive

  • Tending to admit or allow. (adjective)
    स्वीकार करने या अनुमति देने की प्रवृत्ति।

Examples of word admissive

  • "They were under oath, and that is admissive evidence."
  • "They were under oath and that is admissive evidence."
  • The tone was admissive, and as if she had said, "_That_ is another thing!"
  • I have been thus precise, because criticism is to me not "a game," nor admissive of cogging and falsification.
  • But just as Krugman's admissive humility has not compelled the return of a substantial honorarium for professional less-than-excellence, there seems no popular demand that we seriously re-think an economic system that delivers such reliable cycles of chronic inequity and invariable mayhem for the poor and unlucky.