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What is the meaning of admiral in Hindi?

Meaning of admiral in Hindi is : नौसेनापति

Definition of word admiral

  • A naval officer of the highest rank; the commander of a country's naval forces. (noun)
  • A naval officer of high rank, immediately below Admiral of the Fleet; the commander of a fleet or squadron. (noun)
  • A flag officer in the United States Navy or Coast Guard of a grade superior to vice admiral and junior to admiral of the fleet (when that grade is used). An admiral is equal in grade or rank to a four star general. (noun)
  • The ship which carries the admiral, the flagship; also, the most considerable ship of a fleet. (noun)
  • A prince or Saracen leader under the Sultan. (noun)
  • Any of various nymphalid butterflies of Europe and America, especially a red admiral or white admiral. (noun)

Examples of word admiral

  • He is an admiral, do you understand, an _admiral_! "
  • The team, led by a four-star admiral, is on three days, off seven.
  • What Winston Churchill once wrote about a certain German admiral seems apposite here: "He was like a cut flower in a vase; fair to see, yet bound to die, and to die very soon if the water was not constantly renewed."
  • Fortunately, Rep Joe Sestak (D-PA), a retired admiral from the United States Navy, was there to defend the rights of Americans against the slander of Mr. DeLay, alleged human being.
  • In the Roman era Megabazus was called the admiral in chief of 480 B.C., which may be an echo of such a status.


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