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What is the meaning of adjust in Hindi?

Meaning of adjust in Hindi is : सुलझाना

Definition of word adjust

  • To modify. (verb)
    संशोधित करना।

Examples of word adjust

  • Could Pittman adjust from a 4-3 defense to fit seamlessly into Crennel's 3-4 scheme?
  • Can a defensive lineman adjust from a 4-3 defense to fit seamlessly into the Browns '3-4 scheme?
  • Some people just have to adjust from the type "A" self defense type of lifestyle.
  • Now, most designer labels adjust only sizing, colors and fit to suit different markets.
  • Banks will be subject to new restraints on lending but will have more than eight years to adjust, which is longer than anticipated.
  • (So the labels adjust automatically as you reorder pages and / or add / remove pages, or alter some document attributes.
  • With cheaper-specced trailers, the adjuster extending from the ram to the brake drums is on a splined shaft and the only way to adjust is to remove the circlip (which often involves getting the gas torch out).
  • Rather than helping major record labels adjust to the changing market, it continually, repeatedly and publicly destroyed its own reputation and the reputation of the labels -- each time shrinking their potential market by blaming the very people they should have been working to turn into customers.