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What is the meaning of adheres in Hindi?

Meaning of adheres in Hindi is :

Definition of word adheres

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of adhere. (verb)

Examples of word adheres

  • Up to this point, the disagreement between Mauclerc and Watin adheres to standard descriptions of eighteenth-century relationships between communities of artisans and those of amateurs.
  • That bridge has long since disappeared; but the name adheres to the city.
  • "When salt is applied it kind of adheres to the road," said WV DOH Spokesman Brent Walker.
  • When one of the above-mentioned frosts occurs, the stone which composes the weir soon becomes incrusted with ice, which increases so rapidly in thickness as in a short time to impede the course of the stream, which falls over it in a tolerably uniform sheet, and with considerable velocity; at the same time, the wind blowing strongly from the north-west, contributes to repel the water and freeze such as adheres to the crest of the weir when its surface comes nearly in contact with the air.
  • Instead of tackling the hard choices facing our nation and embracing innovations, federal transportation policy still largely adheres to an agenda set by President Eisenhower.
  • He said the north may doubt the Obama administration's ability to deliver on a so-called "road map" to normal relations if it adheres to peace terms.
  • This offshoot of the Islamic faith adheres to a series of mystical beliefs and practices.
  • My use of the word “savages”; Even a savage has a set of customs and practices which for the sake of comity he adheres to.
  • Not all of the art adheres to the festival's DIY philosophy.
  • Someone who is a libertarian adheres to a strain of political philosophy called libertarianism.