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What is the meaning of adhered in Hindi?

Meaning of adhered in Hindi is :

Definition of word adhered

  • Simple past tense and past participle of adhere. (verb)

Examples of word adhered

  • Diluting the mixture with water will only diminish the quality of the waterproofing roof sealant and hence could cause it to delaminate or become un-adhered from the base surface.
  • I posted one last comment, which I am certain adhered to the restrictions.
  • Had Britain adhered to her original purpose of moving the United Empire Loyalists to Australia instead of Canada, it is unlikely that this country would exist today as a political unit.
  • The designation adhered to a group of which Stanley was himself a type.
  • Somebody had called him 'the Idealist,' and the name adhered to him.
  • This nickname adhered like a barnacle to him, immediately after he had employed, in his exegesis of the Greek narrative of Herodias 'daughter, the expression: "Now, if I had been Salome --"
  • They were packaged in clear, rectangular-shaped, safety sealed, plastic containers with blue Snacks on Racks labels adhered to the top of the products.
  • And almost every breast cancer survivor or woman who's gone through treatment that I've met has kind of adhered to that.