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What is the meaning of adhere in Hindi?

Meaning of adhere in Hindi is : समर्थन करना

Definition of word adhere

  • To stick fast or cleave, as a glutinous substance does; to become joined or united; as, wax to the finger; the lungs sometimes adhere to the pleura. (verb)
    एक चिपचिपा पदार्थ के रूप में तेजी से चिपकना या तोड़ना; शामिल या एकजुट होना; जैसे, उंगली पर मोम; फेफड़े कभी-कभी फुस्फुस का आवरण का पालन करते हैं।

Examples of word adhere

  • Even when the pace quickened with the stress of the music the gestures still continued to be restrained and hieratic, only when, one by one, the performers detached themselves from the round and knelt before us for the _peseta_ it is customary to press on their foreheads, did one see, by the moisture which made the coin adhere, how quick and violent their movements had been.
  • Before we being, I would like to remind you that some of the comments made on the call adhere prepared remarks and response to your questions may contain forward-looking statements that are made pursuant to the Safe Harbor provisions of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
  • Hereby is the template that I think the superdelegates should adhere, that is they should vote as “independents” and for the candidate that represents the “base” of the party.
  • Pro tip: Don't worry about involving yourself in the difference between hertz and bits; even complex technical terms adhere to the logical tendency that more is better.
  • Nakheel has a $3. 5bn convertible sukuk - essentially a convertible bond whose terms adhere to Islamic lending practices - that will reach maturity on December 14.
  • We all kind of adhere to the same general rule, says Mike Woodard, principal at Superior Hills Elementary School.
  • Nice sentiment, but that trust will continually be violated as long as companies merely "adhere" to values rather than actually believe in the values they spend so much time and money convincing us they have, if they have them at all.