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What is the meaning of adequacy in Hindi?

Meaning of adequacy in Hindi is : पर्याप्तता

Definition of word adequacy

  • The quality of being sufficient, adequate or able to meet the needs. (noun)

Examples of word adequacy

  • They fired off a no-holds-barred letter to the Food and Drug Administration, announcing an investigation into what they call the adequacy of the efforts of the FDA to protect the safety of the nation's food supply.
  • But capital adequacy is just part of the picture, he said.
  • If you say adequacy is a legal conclusion, you accept undercompensation.
  • The assumption of chemical adequacy is embeeded within a Yarus based process.
  • The usual delusions of adequacy from the pro-bush crowd.
  • If present trends continue it is possible long-term adequacy will also be satisfactory.
  • Making progress on a moderate expansion of CPP is important for the long-term adequacy of
  • Sorry to quibble here, but while you're right that "adequate space" is the issue -- i.e., space must be adequate to allow for sufficient reaction time -- the adequacy is a function of your speed, not your speed relative to the other driver.
  • To meet this challenge, Locke (and to an even greater extent Hume) offered what may be termed adequacy of the stimulus counterarguments.
  • The truth of a statement is defined as the adequacy of the judgment quality of its content, that is the property of a judicative content by virtue of which acceptance (or its opposite, rejection) is triggered by purely objective motives.