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What is the meaning of adapts in Hindi?

Meaning of adapts in Hindi is :

Definition of word adapts

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of adapt. (verb)

Examples of word adapts

  • Our immune system "adapts" to the invading pathogens and "evolves" to fight them, such that when it encounters a biologically similar pathogen (which itself may have evolved) it has in its armory the weapons needed to fight it.
  • Page 60: The term 'adap s' is a typo for 'adapts'.
  • An equally great fact is continuity, and it may well be that one "adapts" more successfully to certain realities by resisting them than by capitulating to them.
  • "The flavor isn't very strong, it's like tofu in the sense that it kind of adapts to whatever you put it with," Bates says.
  • People seem quite willing to grant a virtually Divine wisdom to this process, while forgetting that there is nothing in the system which "adapts".


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