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What is the meaning of adapted in Hindi?

Meaning of adapted in Hindi is : अनुकूलित

Definition of word adapted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of adapt. (verb)

Examples of word adapted

  • As a rookie he was nicknamed by teammates “Nervous Nervous Friend,” a moniker adapted from a Damon Runyon character named Nicely Nicely Johnson.
  • He should have been in hospital months ago for a week of intravenous drug therapy and utter calm, but Naohiro would not-or possibly could not-agree to it Naohiro possessed kan, a word adapted from the Chinese that referred to the home of a ruling mandarin.
  • Tennessee, during the winter of 1865 to 1866, by six former Confederate army officers who gave their society a name adapted from the Greek word
  • Kwongan is a term adapted from the Aboriginal Noongar language to cover the various Western Australian types of shrubland, comparable with the maquis, chaparral, and fynbos of other countries with Mediterranean-type systems.
  • How has your label adapted to changes in society, business, etc?