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What is the meaning of actuality in Hindi?

Meaning of actuality in Hindi is : सिद्धता

Definition of word actuality

  • the state of existing; existence (noun)

Examples of word actuality

  • How one feels about this issue, in actuality, is often directly related to how important one things free speech is and how compelling one thinks the interest in not being targeted with hate speech is.
  • The latter, which in actuality is sex comradeship, I call conjugal affection or friendship.
  • Note: I use the term actuality in place of realism, since realism is also a literary movement, and I don't want to confuse terms.
  • I say, moreover, that, in this naked conception of things, divested of words, there will not be found any notion of what you call the actuality of absolute existence.
  • Hmmm … Here’s how to define the blog called “Buzzmachine”: a blog that tries to appear “liberal” but in actuality is operated by the right wing so as to manage liberal discourse and keep it within narrow parameters, never cutting too close to the bone.
  • People claim the show is pretty racy, but in actuality the humor is on the same level as your average PG-13 rated comedy.
  • Smooth direction and the presence of a young Jeanette MacDonald and Maurice Chevalier make this a favorite with old movie lovers (where it gets a shocking 7.5 score on IMDB), but in actuality this was a small ordeal to get through.
  • There's a distinct possibility that when I was YOUNG I was, in actuality, also a MORON.
  • Holding to newer precedents (your stare decisis argument) is in actuality a compounding of past judicial activism.