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What is the meaning of acres in Hindi?

Meaning of acres in Hindi is : एकड़

Definition of word acres

  • Plural form of acre. (noun)

Examples of word acres

  • The Marshall & Denham department store on Washington Street covers acres -- _acres_!
  • And at the death of his aforesaid louing wife it is his will that the said cowes and household goods be equally deuided betwene his two sons aforesaid, and the other part of the dwelling house, out housing, pasture and orchard togather with the term acres of house lott lying on Georges hill which was purchased of daniell gains to be equaly deuided betwene the said John and Jonathan and alsoe that part of the house and outhousing what is Convenient for the two
  • From 1977 to 1979 the state bought an additional 756 acres from the Shepard family which now comprises nearly 800 acres.
  • The county, the state's largest at just under 1 million acres, is home to dairy farmers who help make Wisconsin the nation's No. 2 milk producer and ginseng farmers who lead the world in production of the bitter root.
  • Called Point of View, the roughly 22,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom waterfront estate on 4 ¼ acres is situated along 340 feet of elevated shoreline overlooking the Long Island Sound.
  • For the record, I believe that a high fence operation under 1000 acres is unsustainable without the purchase of outside genetics to ensure herd health in the long run.
  • Some of the pieces seemed autobiographical, others were clearly completely fictional, but there was a lot more focus on emotion, memory, and poetic language (example: "the blue sky hanging in acres above the yellow leaves") than I have in my own work or am used to seeing in SF.
  • That would bring the total of campus open space to over 30 acres from the now 17 acres.