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What is the meaning of acquitment in Hindi?

Meaning of acquitment in Hindi is :

Definition of word acquitment

  • Acquittal. (noun)
    बरी करना।

Examples of word acquitment

  • It is to bring us unto God, — to peace with God, and acquitment from all our sins; and to make us acceptable with the righteous, holy, and faithful God; to give us boldness before him; — this is the issue.
  • God was "manifest in the flesh," by his incarnation and passion therein; and "justified in the Spirit," by a declaration of his acquitment from the sentence of death and all the evils which he underwent, with the reproaches wherewith he was contemptuously used, by his quickening and resurrection from the dead, through the mighty and effectual working of the Spirit of God.
  • “Maketh intercession for them:” — the first denoting his acquitment, and theirs in him (for he died in their stead), from all the sins that were charged on him; for he was declared to be the Son of God, accepted with him, and justified from all that debt which he undertook, in his resurrection.
  • Whatever consideration, at any time or season, may seem to have had an efficacy upon the minds and wills of men under the like sacrament and designment to the service of truth with yourselves, to incite and provoke them to a singularly industrious and faithful discharge of their duty, is eminently pressing upon you also; and you are made a spectacle to men and angels as to the acquitment of yourselves.
  • On this account we have our absolution, — our acquitment from the guilt of sin, the sentence of the law, the wrath of God, Rom. viii.
  • Our acquitment, in true, evangelical justification, is by absolution or pardon of sin; here, by a vindication of our own righteousness.
  • But suppose we should waive all such considerations, and come up to a full conformity unto all that is, or shall, or may be required of us, will this give us a universally pleadable acquitment from the charges of the guilt of want of love, schism, and divisions?
  • That this righteousness is pleadable unto an acquitment against any charge from Satan, the world, or our own consciences.
  • The whole of our regard unto God does not lie in an acquitment from sin.
  • Neither does it follow, that, on the supposition of the satisfaction pleaded for, the freedom, pardon, or acquitment of the person originally guilty and liable to punishment must immediately and “ipso facto” ensue.