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What is the meaning of acquiesced in Hindi?

Meaning of acquiesced in Hindi is : परितुष्ट

Definition of word acquiesced

  • Simple past tense and past participle of acquiesce. (verb)

Examples of word acquiesced

  • But while the labels acquiesced on DRM, the RIAA has not stopped their witch hunt for “pirates”, and this Ars Technica post quotes the technical chief at the RIAA as saying that DRM will rear its ugly head yet again, especially as people stop buying single track downloads and/or CDs and move to subscription services.
  • Edwin acquiesced, as he was to return with all speed to join his friend on the southern bank of the Forth; and Helen, aware that fields of blood were no scenes for her, while her heart was wring to agony at the thought of relinquishing Wallace to new dangers, yielded a reluctant assent, – not merely to go, but to take that look of him which might be the last.
  • After being publicly shamed, McCain acquiesced to Byrd’s request.
  • Let’s remember that McCain acquiesced in legislation that did not extend the Field Manual to such interrogations.
  • But he said he "acquiesced" in this decision "'because it is both long established and narrowly limited.'"
  • Then Jacob Weisberg, chairman and editor-in-chief of the Slate Group, agreed with Friedman's contention that there should be no torture prosecutions because we had all "acquiesced" in the Bush-Cheney Torture Agenda; we were all "the President's accomplices," and thus "pursuing criminal charges would be too hard legally and politically and too easy morally."
  • This finding was buttressed by the court's observation that the prosecuting attorney "acquiesced" to Examiner Lev's rejection by canceling claims 19 through 24.
  • He said they did not ask 'hard questions' of Lehman, but simply 'acquiesced' to the information they were given, allowing the firm to take on excessive risk.