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What is the meaning of acknowledgments in Hindi?

Meaning of acknowledgments in Hindi is :

Definition of word acknowledgments

  • Plural form of acknowledgment. (noun)

Examples of word acknowledgments

  • Apart, however, from all question of these acknowledgments, is that of the actually accomplished facts of wireless telegraphy.
  • When the Lord comes with ten thousand of his saints, he will convince all, and will force acknowledgments from the proudest of his enemies, of his being the Messiah, and even they shall be found liars to him.
  • The acknowledgments were a first step in that process.
  • Mrs. Edwards dropped a stately curtsey, and said with a grand air which made Perez feel as if her acknowledgments were a condescension quite dwarfing his performance:
  • In your opinion, does "under God" in the Pledge, "In God We Trust" as the U.S. motto and other so-called acknowledgments that prefer monotheism over other religions and nonbelief violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment?
  • (And if you do the "search inside" thing at Amazon, you can find me mentioned in the acknowledgments, which is kinda cool.
  • It is asserted, by those who have the best means of knowing, that by far the majority of the letters from the front contain references to religion, such as acknowledgments of God's providence, prayer for His help, or requests for the prayers of others.
  • - Your delightful and cheery letter of the 5th came in this morning, it having missed a coincidence but one day, as the 4th was my natal day, - a thing that you had luckily forgotten, but had been remembered by a sufficient number to keep me writing 'acknowledgments' for a week yet to come.
  • She thanked a few important people, but didn't really get to do the kind of acknowledgments section that she wanted.