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What is the meaning of aciculate in Hindi?

Meaning of aciculate in Hindi is :

Definition of word aciculate

  • Furnished with aciculae. (adjective)
  • acicular (adjective)
  • Marked with fine irregular streaks as if scratched by a needle. (adjective)

Examples of word aciculate

  • Abdomen aciculate as in the worker, but much more deeply strangulated between the first and second segments; the petiole rugose and clavate.
  • Black, smooth, and shining, very delicately and indistinctly aciculate; the antennæ beneath and the tibiæ and femora obscurely ferruginous, the anterior and intermediate tibiæ brightest; the apex of the mandibles ferruginous.
  • Abdomen longitudinally aciculate, a central carina at the base of the first segment, the second segment with an oblique impressed line running from the lateral angles of its basal margin, and meeting in the centre of its posterior margin; the margins of all the segments constricted; the ovipositor shorter than the abdomen.


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