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What is the meaning of achieving in Hindi?

Meaning of achieving in Hindi is :

Definition of word achieving

  • Present participle of achieve. (verb)
  • achievements, emphasizing the process of accomplishing them. (noun)

Examples of word achieving

    • Building in incentives like this could lead to under-treatment in the name of achieving budget underspends, and in doing so seriously undermine patient-GP relations.
    • Mercedes vehicles are world renowned for delivering a luxurious ride with a meticulous attention to detail paid to every last minute detail to help in achieving maximum comfort.
    • A few days ago, it felt as if we were holding strong in achieving health care reform that would finally ensure comprehensive coverage for everyone.
    • I suffered for a long time, as did, to a lesser degree, my brothers and sisters -- none of whom had ever tried to stop me from shooting the arrows, and some of whom had actually assisted me in achieving near orbital heights with them.
    • The insincerity of the democrats in achieving a bipartisan health care reform is evident in their "threat" to ram it through congress w/o a single republican vote.
    • “Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the board that will undoubtedly further propel Solantic to the next level in achieving its goals and objectives,” said Richard L. Scott, Chairman and Co-Founder of Solantic.
    • Some teams embraced this more structured approach and were successful in achieving their goals.
    • Configuration (DC-X, X-33, X-34 etc ...) doesn't make a huge difference in achieving the mass fraction required to achieve orbit.
    • Settings and composition plays a big part in achieving a great photo.