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What is the meaning of achievement in Hindi?

Meaning of achievement in Hindi is : साधन प्राप्ति

Definition of word achievement

  • The act of achieving or performing; an obtaining by exertion; successful performance; accomplishment; as, the achievement of his/her object. (noun)
    प्राप्त करने या प्रदर्शन करने का कार्य; परिश्रम से प्राप्त करना; सफल प्रदर्शन; उपलब्धि; जैसे, उसकी वस्तु की उपलब्धि।

Examples of word achievement

  • One day, thousands of years from now, after the devastating effects of climate change have successfully wiped out the majority of twenty-first century American culture through some cataclysmic disaster that leaves only ruins to be studied, much like how our society now studies ancient Babylon, the children of the future will be sitting in their futuristic classrooms watching the only remaining DVD of our era, which just so happens to be the first season of Big Time Rush, and the teacher is going to say, "This was the pinnacle of twenty-first century American musical achievement," and somewhere in the ethos (* insert name of composer who you feel best represents twenty-first century American musical achievement*) will cry out in despair.
  • Granted, it was a time when the graduation rate was a non-issue and the term achievement gap had yet to be coined.
  • But when you consider the magnitude of shifting from one conservative era to one in which government simply has to be deployed to tackle deep structural problems, the achievement is as significant as his election year.
  • That's what they are referring to, this renewal, this -- what they call achievement of enrichment at Netame (ph).
  • Quite apart from the remarkable nature of this achievement is the fact that this is merely another proof that even under the pressure of war and the heavy drain on manpower, the brains of Britain were never more vigorous and never more productive than they are today.
  • If one accomplishes something especially fine, his achievement is a source of admiration and joy to others: no heart suffers from another's wealth, but the triumph of one is a delight to all.
  • I'm sure the 'achievement' is great ... but it's slow, it looks terrible, and it can't handle things like GTK+ windows properly.
  • Sen. Clinton may have succeeded in getting people to call her "Hillary" and to have made them feel resigned to her front-runnership, but what kind of achievement is that?
  • But perhaps Ephron’s main achievement is that she has always had the talent and courage to say things that others writers can’t or don’t.