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What is the meaning of acetylate in Hindi?

Meaning of acetylate in Hindi is :

Definition of word acetylate

  • To react with acetic acid or one of its derivatives; to introduce one or more acetyl groups into a substance (verb)
    एसिटिक एसिड या इसके डेरिवेटिव में से एक के साथ प्रतिक्रिया करने के लिए; एक या एक से अधिक एसिटाइल समूहों को एक पदार्थ में पेश करने के लिए

Examples of word acetylate

  • Vitamin B5, in the form of CoA, can be used to help acetylate proteins, thereby protecting them from chemical breakdown.
  • The Histone Acetyl Transferases (HATs) that acetylate these two proteins, namely PCAF and p300, respectively, may therefore regulate SATB1-mediated transcription upon Wnt signalling.