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What is the meaning of accused in Hindi?

Meaning of accused in Hindi is : मुलाजिम

Definition of word accused

  • Simple past tense and past participle of accuse. (verb)
  • The person charged with an offense; the defendant in a criminal case. (noun)
  • Having been accused; being the target of accusations. (adjective)

Examples of word accused

  • When a witness requested by the accused is available, the witness need not be called if the accused withdraws his request upon being informed that the testimony expected by the accused from the witness will be regarded as having been actually taken.
  • "The fact that the term 'accused of the offense' is not used does not matter if it is clear" from the arrest warrant "that he was wanted for prosecution and not merely for questioning," the court said today.
  • His expression accused her of being disingenuous, but he only said, The horse is hitched and the carriage is waiting.
  • The resulting report that bears his name accused both sides of wrongdoing - deliberately making civilians targets.
  • Thus, by basic definition, being accused of rape makes it more probable than not that the accused is a rapist.
  • Which standard will these men need to meet to prove to 'reasonable' people that the accused is a witch?
  • Whether the accused is a citizen or not has nothing to do with this principle.