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What is the meaning of accountancy in Hindi?

Meaning of accountancy in Hindi is : हिसाब किताब

Definition of word accountancy

  • The function of compiling and providing financial information primarily by reports referred to as financial statements. Accounting includes bookkeeping, systems design, analysis and interpretation of accounting information. (noun)

Examples of word accountancy

  • With a background in accountancy and a stint at KPMG where he came to be well-respected, Flint’s deep knowledge of HSBC’s numbers is renowned among investors and staffers.
  • As luck would have it, accountancy is at the top of the Skilled Occupation List for would-be immigrants to Australia.
  • That course involves subjects such as pure economics, a high degree of skill in accountancy, business principles and practice-that is my subject; I have lectured for twelve years at nights for two and sixpence a week, and I hope to resume when I get back; civic and public administration, languages, sociology, commercial technology, the technology of products, the history of industrialism, and four or five other subjects.
  • Yam has a bachelors degree in accountancy from the National
  • Having left school and given up on the idea of accountancy, Derek decided to give hairdressing a go.
  • It really has very little to do with accountancy, which is just one tool of management, albeit an important one.
  • They mirror us in many of their market sectors such as accountancy, finance, HR and office support and also bring new areas to the table such as sales & marketing and financial planning.
  • In professions such as accountancy, architecture, analytical chemistry, more and more women are entering.
  • The government should lower tax rates for small businesses, make it much easier to submit tax returns online and subsidise basic business services such as accountancy and marketing advice for startups which are in their first year of business.