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What is the meaning of accountable in Hindi?

Meaning of accountable in Hindi is : लेखायोग्य

Definition of word accountable

  • Having accountability (individuals have accountability); answerable. (adjective)

Examples of word accountable

  • We devised a bill that moved to universal coverage using what we called accountable health plans playing by national rules to ensure competition and choice.
  • Telling some one about a weakness you have and asking them to keep you accountable is pretty much how I would describe stating your plans as a "dissatisfaction".
  • God will ultimately hold McCain accountable for his partisan and prejudicial decisions steve poppitz
  • The law encourages doctors and hospitals to join "accountable care organizations" that have financial incentives to limit unnecessary care; it beefs up "comparative effectiveness research" to weed out inefficient treatments; and it will eventually tax the most expensive insurance plans to restrain consumers 'superfluous use of health care.
  • The only way to keep education accountable is to keep it both understandable and flexible.
  • Can't anyone be held accountable from the mess the Bush regime left?