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What is the meaning of accountability in Hindi?

Meaning of accountability in Hindi is : जवाबदेही

Definition of word accountability

  • The state of being accountable; liability to be called on to render an account; accountableness; responsible for; answerable for. (noun)

Examples of word accountability

  • The purpose of Renaissance 2010 was to increase the number of high quality schools that would be subject to new standards of accountability - a code word for legitimating more charter schools and high stakes testing in the guise of hard-nosed empiricism.
  • Speaking during debate on President Thabo Mbeki's state-of-the-nation address in the National Assembly, he said it was common knowledge that once the deadline had been missed, the term accountability quickly lost its meaning and relevance as a desperate attempt to conceal shortcomings began.
  • Ben Yagoda, author of Memoir: A History, is contemptuous of memoir for its lack of what he calls accountability; he insists on interchanging "memoir" with "autobiography" as a way to support his conclusion: "The past four decades will probably be remembered as the golden age of autobiographical fraud."
  • One of the best things Pro Publica does – besides reporting – is link to the best of what it calls accountability journalism because that helps support that reporting take note, link-dumb, web-killer Gatehouse.
  • Of course the accountability is being applied upside-down.
  • The ranking Republican on the committee, though, warns his party will oppose any changes to the bill that would weaken what he calls accountability, flexibility and parental choice.
  • Number one to review radically the de-ratification law and replace it with what we call accountability and justice law.
  • I know one of the things you can do is you can download what you call accountability software.