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What is the meaning of accost in Hindi?

Meaning of accost in Hindi is : सम्बोधित करना

Definition of word accost

  • To approach and speak to boldly or aggressively, as with a demand or request. (verb)
    किसी मांग या अनुरोध के अनुसार, साहसपूर्वक या आक्रामक तरीके से संपर्क करना और बोलना।
  • Address; greeting. (noun)
    पता; शुभकामना।

Examples of word accost

    • You mistake, knight; 'accost' is front her, board her, woo her, assail her.
    • BTW, the first two definitions of 'accost' from dictionary. com:
    • I accost strangers on airplanes to show them how dandy it is to load thousands of pages including this newspaper onto something the size of a shirt cardboard.
    • Sorry to accost you, but there's something I felt I should tell you, she said, with a concerned expression.
    • Use private security goons to accost students (who were not, as predicted, permitted to speak);
    • Well, actually, I chose not to accost people during their dinner, but I did end up asking about 300 people both inside education and outside education what they thought the purpose of public education was.
    • We also spotted a SUSPICIOUSLY PALE young lady applying for employment, but she MYSTERIOUSLY VANISHED before we could accost her!
    • Characterizing Jews as cerebral nomads, submissive and victimized by nature, he almost seems to hate and accost them as a means to elicit their retaliation.
    • They saw him slouch for'ard after breakfast, and, like a mendicant, with outstretched palm, accost a sailor.
    • But I would daresay that most of us would not go accost a stranger at a party or even someone who knows us well with endless accounts of our kids stories (a blog doesnt count cause you dont have to read it) without so much as a ‘So whats going on in your life?’. toyfoto Said,