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What is the meaning of accomplish in Hindi?

Meaning of accomplish in Hindi is : सिद्ध करना

Definition of word accomplish

  • To finish successfully. (verb)
    सफलतापूर्वक समाप्त करने के लिए।

Examples of word accomplish

  • What they are really trying to accomplish is to deny any coverage to any woman who gets an abortion whether she has additional private insurance or pays out of pocket.
  • The only thing she's likely to accomplish is to destroy the Democratic Party.
  • The first thing any rifle/cartridge combo has to accomplish is to make a hole where you point it.
  • I think all we really want to accomplish is to provide ways — wikis, email, blogs, you tell me — for people to more readily communicate their needs and solutions.
  • Dame Judy Dench, when asked by a British newspaper what she still wanted to accomplish in life, replied without skipping a beat: "The only thing I want to accomplish is to go back to Newfoundland."
  • Everything she has tried to accomplish is still unresolved.
  • On the most optimistic view, all that Obamacare can accomplish is what, in objective fact, it aims to accomplish, namely, shift the burden of paying for medical care away from its immediate recipients.
  • The only good thing the "tea party" will accomplish is the break up the the republican party.