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What is the meaning of acclaim in Hindi?

Meaning of acclaim in Hindi is : स्वागत करना

Definition of word acclaim

  • An acclamation; a shout of applause. (noun)
    एक अभिनंदन; तालियों की गड़गड़ाहट।
  • To shout; to call out. (verb)
    चिल्लाना; पुकारने के लिए।

Examples of word acclaim

    • Now the Gotham Chamber Opera, which performed Haydn's Il mondo della luna in January to great acclaim, is taking a crack at the wily feline -- staging the opera El gato con botas by Spanish composer Xavier Montsalvatge with Tectonic Theater Project.
    • "What makes this book so worthy of acclaim is the way it immerses the reader in the life and mindset of a gifted yet mentally ill teenager," proclaimed Walter M. Mayes, a middle school librarian and one of the members of the award committee.
    • GEORGE PEMBA, "Garden of Eden," 1949, Estimate: $4,300 to $7,200 One of the first black artists to win acclaim in South Africa, George Mnyalaza Milwa Pemba is revered for his images of township life under apartheid.
    • While MIÉVILLE doesn't recall his past harsh criticism of TOLKIEN, he nevertheless tempers and balances it out by complimenting the Professor and giving him acclaim, where acclaim is due.
    • But Davis, whose food won acclaim, is now returning to the Seattle area to join the team that operates the Purple Cafe & Wine Bar and other ventures.
    • But based on acclaim from a few of my trusted peers for the way it handles these very issues, I picked up CoD4 recently.
    • What heil first and foremost attempts to acclaim is the power of language to acclaim.
    • Erik Friedlander brings an amazingly rich one-man show to the table, and has won hefty chunk of acclaim from the likes of the previously posted Clogs (plays cello on their album Stick Music), John Vanderslice (Friedlander appears all over Pixel Revolt), and John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats.