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What is the meaning of accession in Hindi?

Meaning of accession in Hindi is : वृद्धि

Definition of word accession

  • A coming to; the act of acceding and becoming joined; as, a king's accession to a confederacy. (noun)
    एक आ रहा है; शामिल होने और शामिल होने का कार्य; के रूप में, एक संघ के लिए एक राजा का परिग्रहण।
  • To make a record of (additions to a collection). (verb)
    (एक संग्रह में जोड़) का रिकॉर्ड बनाने के लिए।

Examples of word accession

    • Brussels needs to accept that EU accession is no longer the galvanizing reform force in Ukraine.
    • The prospect of Jang's accession is a less than comforting thought.
    • To the Gentiles, some of all nations, that should be converted to Christ, and so added to his church, which, though a spiritual accession, is often in prophecy represented by a local motion.
    • They derived some accession from a body of two thousand strangers, under the command of John Justiniani, a noble Genoese; a liberal donative was advanced to these auxiliaries; and a princely recompense, the Isle of Lemnos, was promised to the valor and victory of their chief.
    • “Well, but, Mrs. Baliol, suppose we settle our era: you do not call the accession of James the Sixth to the kingdom of Britain very ancient?”
    • Her accession was a gaudy affair, and well attended, though it might seem strange from our end of time that people would turn out peaceably to see the murderess of S'task take up the spear of royalty.
    • Accepting this as a true account of an eternal, a perdurable Existent — one which never turns to any Kind outside itself, that possesses life complete once for all, that has never received any accession, that is now receiving none and will never receive any — we have, with the statement of a perduring
    • The particular question concerning France that was agitating Germany at the time of the accession was the state of affairs in
    • Although his accession was the occasion of friendly letters between himself and the Government of Madras, the Nawab's rejection of the Governor's suggestion that the financial arrangements between himself and the Company should be made more favourable to the