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What is the meaning of acceptor in Hindi?

Meaning of acceptor in Hindi is : स्वीकारकर्ता

Definition of word acceptor

  • One who accepts. (noun)
    स्वीकार करनेवाला।

Examples of word acceptor

  • In reality tRNAs contain acceptor stems at both their 3 'and 5' ends.
  • As the acceptor is consumed during the fixation reaction it must obviously be regenerated from the assimilation products.
  • ... that at some point well before the posted time maximum, the coin acceptor door locks up and won't accept more change.
  • Is it possible to boot up my MacBook with ONLY an external hard drive? how to connect a coin acceptor to the pc?? and how can the pc detect it? en Español
  • Once excited, the electron is quickly shuttled from the chlorophyll to a nearby "acceptor" molecule, setting off a series of electron transfers.
  • I'm up for the former, but the designated acceptor for three of the latter.
  • Scratch a philo-Semitic fundamentalist, however, and you'll get a passive acceptor of Biblical genocide.