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What is the meaning of acception in Hindi?

Meaning of acception in Hindi is : कृपापूर्वक स्वागत

Definition of word acception

  • acceptation; the received meaning. (noun)

Examples of word acception

  • September 16th, 2009 2: 48 pm ET spelling error: in my blog, the word acception should have been exception.
  • Some of us were paying attention and with the acception of the financial crisis which would be much worse with mccain, he is doing exactly what he said in the campaign.
  • I recently read a novel that used “acception” instead of “exception” (i.e. … was the ‘acception’ to the rule.).
  • I can not image a world where another Hitler is unleashed, but this time one that is American in origin and with the distinction that it has the capability to destroy the world 100 times over with a nuclear arnesal unrivaled with acception of a few nations.
  • With the acception of health and family there is no reason for any author to make his reades wait 5 years for a new installment.
  • The HW division in the UFC is pretty weak sauce right now with the acception of some young up and comers like Brock,Carwin , and Velasquez.
  • My question is this: If my kids who are born in Miami decide to become fans of the teams that I root for, because they want to follow the footsteps of there dad, could that be another acception to the rule?
  • Sorkin seems more the acception to the rule then the rule - those like him are in a different category.
  • There could be one printing, and it's trade, and the story took a year to write and something like 6 months to ink and color, and thus every page is lush, perfectly paced, and it's as if Watchmen is suddenly the standard, not the acception, to the industry.
  • The laws of nature are immutable and eternal; for injustice, ingratitude, arrogance, pride, iniquity, acception of persons, and the rest can never be made lawful.