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What is the meaning of accede in Hindi?

Meaning of accede in Hindi is : स्वीकार करना

Definition of word accede

  • To become a party to an agreement or a treaty. (verb)
    किसी समझौते या संधि का पक्षकार बनना।

Examples of word accede

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  • To accede is not merely to give in but rather to give in while drawing near; one may accede not only to an argument but to a throne.
  • Constitution, but who had presided over the Convention that drew it up -- in letters written soon after the adjournment of that body to friends in various States, referred to the Constitution as a _compact_ or treaty, and repeatedly uses the terms "accede" and "accession," and once the term "secession."
  • This word "accede," not found either in the Constitution itself, or in the ratification of it by any one of the States, has been chosen for use here, doubtless, not without a well-considered purpose.
  • "accede," and the like -- were the terms in familiar use by the authors of the Constitution and their associates with reference to that instrument and its ratification.
  • And with Justices Stephen Breyer and Antonin Scalia, as well as retired Justice John Paul Stevens, already waving away questions about their colleague's ethics, it is not likely that the chief justice or the Judicial Conference will accede to Slaughter's request.
  • For more than 20 years, Turkey sought to accede to the European Union; but last year the country seemed to change directions without dropping its EU bid by joining the Arab Parliament as an observer.
  • This in no way absolves those who would pervert that power for personal gain, nor does it excuse the outright blackmail-type pressures that have been brought to bear upon many of us to accede.