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What is the meaning of acanthus in Hindi?

Meaning of acanthus in Hindi is : कंटक

Definition of word acanthus

Examples of word acanthus

  • Perhaps the most alarming decay has beset the capitals, blocks of marble carved into swirling patterns of acanthus leaves.
  • On the south side, a large acanthus medallion sprouts amid a field of stone rosettes, as delicate as on the day they were first chiseled.
  • Stern-faced caryatids with gilded wings support card tables, above legs carved as muscular lions' paws; gilded acanthus leaves curl around the pillars of center tables and sideboards.
  • In private gardens acanthus and purple lavender grow ... but where, I wonder are the townspeople?
  • Its columns are tall and slender, its capitals have bountiful acanthus leaves with big scrolls and its entablature sports an ostentatiously sculpted frieze and cornice.
  • The Corinthian order is also very feminine in nature, characterised primarily by its ornate capitals, which sport two rows of sculpted acanthus leaves with small volutes spiral scrolls in the corners.