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What is the meaning of ac in Hindi?

Meaning of ac in Hindi is : एस्

Definition of word ac

  • Symbol for actinium. (noun)
    एक्टिनियम के लिए प्रतीक।
  • Air-conditioning. (initialism)
  • acetate (abbreviation)

Examples of word ac

  • This proves an intermediate visit between the two recorded in Ac 18: 1; 20: 2.
  • But in Ac 28: 25 it is the breaking off of the discourse that is meant, here the final departure from the house [Olshausen].
  • The same visit to Jerusalem as in Ac 15: 1-4 (A.D. 50), when the council of the apostles and Church decided that Gentile Christians need not be circumcised.
  • The actual "separating" or "setting apart" to the work marked out for him, is mentioned in Ac 13: 2; Ro 1: 1.
  • When they heard this -- not the mere words reported in Ac 19: 4, but the subject expounded according to the tenor of those words. they were baptized -- not however by Paul himself (1Co 1: 14). in the name of the Lord Jesus -- into the whole fulness of the new economy, as now opened up to their believing minds.
  • Having then gifts differing according to the grace given to us -- Here, let it be observed, all the gifts of believers alike are viewed as communications of mere grace. whether -- we have the gift of prophecy -- that is, of inspired teaching (as in Ac 15: 32).
  • Quoted in Ac 13: 34. 4. him -- the mystical David (Eze 37: 24, 25; Jer 30: 9; Ho 3: 5).
  • In Ac 13: 33, Paul's quotation does not imply an application of this passage to the resurrection; for "raised up" in Ac 13: 32 is used as in Ac 2: 30; 3: 22,
  • Depart from the true "way" (so in Ac 19: 9, 23) of religion. cause ... to cease -- Let us hear no more of His name.
  • Gentiles -- as in Ac 10: 10-20, 48, according to the command of the vision (Ac 11: 3-17).