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What is the meaning of abuzz in Hindi?

Meaning of abuzz in Hindi is : भनभनाहट के शब्द से परिपूर्ण

Definition of word abuzz

  • In a buzz; buzzing (adjective)
    शोरगुल में; गूंज

Examples of word abuzz

  • The blogosphere is kind of abuzz with the notion that this was a political hit on Eliot Spitzer.
  • And the whole electrical fraternity is kind of abuzz, because now Westinghouse is going to have what he ` s lacked in his fight with Edison, and that is the motor.
  • The newspaper said the New Zealand athletics community has been "abuzz" over suggestions that an Olympian had "returned an adverse finding" in a drugs test.
  • And I do not care despite the fact that, as I have read, "media outlets" covering this event were "abuzz" re: this very topic.
  • the NYTimes ran "abuzz"...at the onset a superb blogging spot that alas was ruined by the cut and paste.
  • "abuzz" with rumors that NBC wants to dump its golden boy chief programmer Wherein E!
  • For nearly two years, the country's gilded salons have been abuzz with chatter that the "end of the Berlusconi era" is nigh.
  • Titarpur is one of New Delhi's largest effigy markets, and it is now abuzz with artisans preparing Ravana demon king figures for Dussehra Festival.
  • All this has bond markets and bankers abuzz, though they're easily excited.
  • Within minutes of the Giants' defeat, Twitter was abuzz with sarcastic thank you notes for Big Blue.