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What is the meaning of abut in Hindi?

Meaning of abut in Hindi is : से हटा हुआ या लगा हुआ होना

Definition of word abut

Examples of word abut

  • What political operatives do not want to talk abut is how few voters can possibly be affected by a campaign.
  • I simply rehydrated my dried cranberries in abut 1/3 cup of bourbon by letting them soak in it for about 30 minutes (you can also zap the mixture in the microwave for a few seconds to help the process along).
  • I do think for everything its worth Starwars should be the top but all i really care abut is Alien is there No ammount of spaceships can be as cool as a little squirmy thing bursting oout of a guys chest then devouring a crew.
  • I don’t recall him ever uttering a word abut mitocondria, or genetic clocks.
  • I'm almost certain that I won't be able to be part of that "you" he was talking abut, which is why I feel some envy in the best sense of the word: in admiration for your work and your future, your inspiring struggle and your feelings.
  • 'Oh – a – he will have left word abut the car in any case.'
  • Congress should pass a law, declaring that if the Attorney General of the United Slates should, when on a visit to his friends and family, be guil - ty of singing Yankee Ddodle, bis bonds shall be forfeited t What would the honorable gentleman say to such a statute 7 But, sir, suppose, instead of making this a part of the statute regulating the office of Attorney General, we should place tt in the middle of abut which is now before us, en - titled "Ad act for altering the name of the district of Nanjemoy into that of St. Mary's?"
  • You must get lots of questions abut Rob and Kristen.
  • We all can come up with our own opinions abut what he might actually be.