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What is the meaning of abuse in Hindi?

Meaning of abuse in Hindi is : हानि पहुचाना

Definition of word abuse

Examples of word abuse

  • This jackass didn't do this out of the blue like many abusers who are moderate then get extreme; this level of abuse ** was the pattern of abuse** for this poor girl.
  • _truth_ abuse them? does the _exposition_ of the _foulest combination_ that ever disgraced this or any other county, _constitute abuse_?
  • To the previous facts you are a witness, and best know how far my recapitulation is correct; and I request that you will inform Mr. Perry from me, that I wonder he should permit such an abuse of my name in his paper; I say an _abuse_, because my absence, at least, demands some respect, and my presence and positive sanction could alone justify him in such a proceeding, even were the lines mine; and if false, there are no words for him.
  • When most people hear of the term abuse, they do not think about being slapped, being chilly, being ignored or, for that matter, having someone stare at you in the shower.
  • Opponents of the resolution have pointed to what they call the abuse of a Security Council resolution they supported to set up a no-fly zone over Libya in February that was ostensibly to protect civilians against the repression of Col.
  • The idea of subjecting every US citizen to this abuse is abhorrent.
  • Because they often insult the pride of the listener rather than disparaging his or her reputation, vituperative epithets that are intended as mere abuse and are understood as such by the hearer are not actionable in defamation, although other causes of action in tort may arise if the abuse is accompanied by physical aggression or psychiatric or other physical injury.
  • How widespread do you think the abuse is and is there any way to safeguard against it better?
  • By the time Farouq was released from Guantanamo the next year, however — after more than 12 months of what he described as abuse and humiliation at the hands of American soldiers — he'd made connections to high-level militants.
  • Tonight, Jon Gosselin speaks out about what he calls abuse by his estranged wife, Kate.