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What is the meaning of abundance in Hindi?

Meaning of abundance in Hindi is : बाहुल्य

Definition of word abundance

Examples of word abundance

  • Since the effect of the movement is to reduce the liquids to the same condition, _a difference in density causes the flow to be greater from the less dense toward the denser liquid_, than in the opposite direction; while _a difference in composition causes the substances in solution to move from the place of greater abundance toward places of less abundance_.
  • He buys at a low price in proportion to the abundance of the articles in demand; _abundance_, then, enriches him.
  • My patience, never in abundance, is rapidly waning with every subdivision of these hairs.
  • What NASA has in abundance is a higher approval rating than at any time in its history - even during the height of Apollo - and it stands as a beacon of hope to a world fraught with economic depression, security threats and a general malaise.
  • What it does have in abundance is limp, broad comedy starring Shia LaBeouf and some actually rather tepid vamping by former-It Girl Megan Fox.
  • One thing Senator Obama does have in abundance is more than enough Kool-Aid to go around.
  • Instead of host we might not improperly render the term abundance; [101] for Moses declares that this world was in every sense completed, as if the whole house were well supplied and filled with its furniture.
  • Be that as it may, what the British do have, and in abundance, is character!
  • Life in abundance is eternal life, life without death or fear of death, life and much more.
  • Your post features both long-windedness and pomposity in abundance, which is fitting because those two qualities also comprise the left foot and right foot of your idol Obama, in that they are his feet of clay.