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What is the meaning of absurd in Hindi?

Meaning of absurd in Hindi is : हास्यास्पद

Definition of word absurd

  • Having no rational or orderly relationship to people's lives; meaningless; lacking order or value. (adjective)
    लोगों के जीवन से कोई तर्कसंगत या व्यवस्थित संबंध नहीं होना; अर्थहीन; आदेश या मूल्य की कमी।

Examples of word absurd

  • Qiu presents their turns of fortune dryly, with an appreciation for the absurd and a sense, too, for when the absurd is also truly tragic.
  • Yes, Samuelson's argument is that absurd, and the pejorative overtones of the word "absurd" are deliberate.
  • Pope John Paul on Sunday appealed for an end to what he called the absurd civil war in Angola, saying all sides were losing in such a conflict.
  • They would rob my hot-houses of the best fruits and flowers, disarrange my books, turn pictures they did not like with their faces to the wall, drape my statues fantastically, criticise what they called my absurd bachelor habits, and give me good advice on the subject of marriage;
  • Carpathia that he has often grumbled to the officers for what he called absurd precautions in lying to and wasting his time, which he regarded as very valuable; but after hearing of the Titanic's loss he recognized that he was to some extent responsible for the speed at which she had travelled, and would never be so again.
  • Owen desponded about ever getting done; Morgan grumbled at what he called the absurd difficulty of writing nonsense.
  • Some there were who came to visit, but not for the purpose of consoling her; on the contrary, it was to reproach the dying saint with what they called her absurd infatuation, which had introduced the plague into her abode, and endangered her own life, for the sake of a set of worthless wretches.
  • Calderon also lashed out at what he called "absurd" and "irrational" immigration laws in the United States.