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What is the meaning of absenteeism in Hindi?

Meaning of absenteeism in Hindi is : कार्य से अनुपस्थित होना
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Definition of word absenteeism

  • Habitual failure to appear, especially for work or other regular duty. (noun)
  • The rate of occurrence of habitual absence from work or duty. (noun)

Examples of word absenteeism

  • Another cause of widespread absenteeism is the fact that many teachers are posted to remote rural districts to which they have no previous ties or inclination to live.
  • Reductions in absenteeism and improvements in worker productivity resulting from better health outcomes because of expanded coverage would particularly benefit small businesses.
  • ME/CFS is the biggest single cause of long-term absenteeism among schoolchildren.
  • Reason #9 The 4 Day Work Week would mean a reduction in absenteeism
  • The chaotic state of the world as evidence of divine absenteeism is a topic for another day.

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