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What is the meaning of abreast in Hindi?

Meaning of abreast in Hindi is : साथ साथ

Definition of word abreast

  • : At the same time; simultaneously (adverb)
    : एक ही समय पर; साथ - साथ

Examples of word abreast

  • As they drew in abreast, Corry recognized him and halted the dogs.
  • Can't a guy use the word abreast 2 : up to a particular standard or level especially of knowledge of recent developments without getting flogged?
  • Ticketholders were lined up four abreast from the entrance gate in a line that stretched 400 yards to Washington Road, which borders part of the property.
  • But at that point, the picture began to change so rapidly that the symposium papers had to be revised for publication to remain abreast of international political developments.
  • Certainly, to remain abreast of the rest of the world we must make some progress.
  • After a long time, an hour or more, two other nurses marched in abreast like soldiers, with a great clumping of sabots, and knotted the corpse up in the sheets, but it was not removed till some time later.
  • Finally all three dahabeeyahs ran in abreast, and moored side by side in front of a row of little open cafés just outside the town.
  • Admiral Ting formed his ships in line abreast, that is side by side with every bow towards the enemy.
  • "I've seen lots of cyclists ride two abreast, which is a big no-no," he said.