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What is the meaning of abound in Hindi?

Meaning of abound in Hindi is : विपुल होना

Definition of word abound

  • To be highly productive. (verb)

Examples of word abound

  • 'God is able to make _all_ grace abound, that ye may _abound_ in
  • To know how to abound, i far greater blefling then to abound* Eccl
  • Jokes and disdain abound for non-performing lines, and Tube delays play a regular role in the daily hustle.
  • Here again examples abound from the United States to China and many countries in between.
  • The only place where "realists" abound is in ivory towers, as I understand it.
  • At Famagusta on the south coast, where sunny sandy beaches abound, is the newly erected Grecian Hotel, considered to be very fine.
  • Wild his work is assuredly — extravagant sometimes to our wish, and supernatural even to the very limits of poetic belief; but the genius is stamped on every page: feelings such as the muse delights in abound, nay overflow, while a true heroic loftiness of soul, such as influenced devout men of old when they warred for their country, glows and flashes through the whole narrative.
  • And calls abound to avoid offending those who kill us.