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What is the meaning of abortive in Hindi?

Meaning of abortive in Hindi is : वृरथा

Definition of word abortive

  • Causing abortion; abortifacient (adjective)
    गर्भपात के कारण; abortifacient
  • A medicine to which is attributed the property of causing abortion, abortifacient. (noun)
    एक दवा जिसके लिए गर्भपात, गर्भपात कराने की संपत्ति को जिम्मेदार ठहराया जाता है।

Examples of word abortive

    • The term abortive organ has been thus applied to above structure (as
    • James, cut off in the prime of life, may almost be called the abortive
    • There is another grand class of facts relating to what are called abortive organs.
    • Romney this week toughened his language in decrying the new health care rule, on Monday saying the requirement to cover "contraceptives, morning-after pills, in other words abortive pills," was a "violation of conscience."
    • "This just might be the same administration that said that the churches and the institutions they run such as schools and…adoptions agencies, hospitals, that they have to provide for their employees free of charge contraceptives, morning after pills, in other words abortive pills, and the like, at no cost," Romney added.
    • Mitt Romney, as Governor of Massachussetts, vetoed a contraception bill claiming the emergency contraception was an "abortive" drug.
    • He vetoed it because, he believes, EC is an "abortive" drug.
    • The "abortive" reference, though, was to an interesting little fight within the Clinton campaign in which Verdi was on the losing side.