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What is the meaning of abject in Hindi?

Meaning of abject in Hindi is : हतोत्साह

Definition of word abject

Examples of word abject

  • Segregation still exists in the media, in the movies and the TV shows, where the abject is absented, where there is the default and the deviant, the "normal" and the "abnormal".
  • And the last thing they want is someone to get injured by what he referred to as abject stupidity, anybody coming out.
  • No community, state or country is an island unto itself unless it wants to exist in abject horrific misery like North Korea.
  • Huge portions of the population have lived in abject fear for the better part of a century that we are in immanent danger of instant takeover and domination.
  • A true scientist should aim to finish life in abject loneliness and poverty.
  • But, even before Christmas, the lack of fresh vegetables caused scurvy to break out, and disappointed adventurer after disappointed adventurer took to his bunk in abject surrender to this culminating misfortune.
  • Lt. It just has to say “hello” and everyone will run away in abject revulsion and terror.
  • The dogs sat on their chairs in abject silence with Davis and his wife menacing them to remain silent, while, in front of the curtain, Dick and Daisy Bell delighted the matinee audience with their singing and dancing.
  • People in abject poverty are less happy than people who are modestly well-off, but people who are modestly well-off are not less happy than very rich people.