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What is the meaning of abiogenetically in Hindi?

Meaning of abiogenetically in Hindi is :

Definition of word abiogenetically

  • In an abiogenetic manner; to have created life without life. (adverb)

Examples of word abiogenetically

  • I think the right, with its naive faith in the magic of the unfettered free market -- as no less an authority than George Will admits, markets do not just appear abiogenetically, they require regulations and enforcement mechanisms provided by government to function smoothly -- has pushed the pendulum too far in favor of capitalism, at the expense of democracy.
  • The idea of spontaneous generation thus persists, as an inescapable adjunct of organic evolution, in the postulate that transitional prototypic modes of life once arose abiogenetically, perhaps in different geological epochs and in more than one place, and flourished over the long spans of time required for the development of self-reproducing ge - netic mechanisms.
  • That is the question on which I have been anxiously hoping for light since I received yours and the enclosure, which contains such a very sensible proposition that I should like to know how it came into existence, abiogenetically or otherwise.