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What is the meaning of abiogenetic in Hindi?

Meaning of abiogenetic in Hindi is : आकस्मिक जन्म सम्बन्धी

Definition of word abiogenetic

  • Of or pertaining to abiogenesis, originated by abiogenesis. (adjective)

Examples of word abiogenetic

  • Crick has since abandoned the idea due to advances in abiogenetic research (such as the discovery of autocatalysts).
  • Ignorance, because most abiogenetic theory does not involve events "of coincidence so improbable" as to be unreasonable.
  • For instance, abiogenetic theory suggests that limiting the amino acids in the random sequences to those posited to have evolved first in primordial organisms would improve the rate of foldable proteins while maintaining diversity.
  • The Keefe and Szostak paper makes clear that this is related abiogenetic research in that the relevant hypothesis is that primordial proteins formed from random sequences.
  • Yes, it's a very important advance, and one consistent with abiogenetic theory.
  • Any organic haze from high energy/high altitude solar energy influx would compete with surface photo-selection as an early abiogenetic driver.
  • I'm cribbing this from the ZnS world theory of Mulkidjanian et al and the neomura theory of Cavalier-Smith which nicely mesh together in their respective abiogenetic/phylogenetic theories, resulting in a substantially testable, and tested, complete pathway to the RNA world and beyond.
  • There will be a historical record of minerals, diverse isotopes, organics and pieces of abiogenetic and "genetic", life, processes more or less frozen in time.
  • Concerning abiogenetic research, scientists are generally careful to not claim more than the evidence allows.
  • But is abiogenetic research based on faulty premises?