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What is the meaning of ability in Hindi?

Meaning of ability in Hindi is : सामर्थ्य

Definition of word ability

Examples of word ability

  • Spending beyond your ability is a horrible trait in any one but in a government it is criminal.
  • And this ability is analogous to writing well with insightful things to say.
  • I am sure that the ability is there, but know that my record of harnessing it is not very promising.
  • “This ability is usually associated with direct marketing campaigns such as telemarketing, e-mail marketing, or direct mail.”
  • This ability is the one persistent clue to his secret origins; it's also the reason he is pursued by Rahul Moghe, the only other person with this ability.
  • It is Indonesia's many layers that have allowed moderate Islam to flourish in this nation of 240 million people, said Hasyim, explaining that NU has taken on the posture of moderation, which he called the ability to balance between faith and tolerance.
  • Clayton devised the first empirical tests for wisdom, which she defined as the ability to acquire knowledge and analyze it both logically and emotionally — picking up on the work begun by Socrates, around the time the Peloponnesian War began to turn into what we would call a "quagmire."
  • He was eloquent which I define as the ability to take complex things and make them simple to understand to a jury of your peers.
  • Why is it that all the other candidates were and are fully connected with their voice - which I define as the ability to fully and richly communicate who you are, what you stand for, and why you should be entrusted with the presidency?