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What is the meaning of abiding in Hindi?

Meaning of abiding in Hindi is : स्थिर

Definition of word abiding

  • Present participle of abide. (verb)

Examples of word abiding

  • Here we are shown that when one "hath eternal life" it is "eternal life _abiding in him_"; for there would be no meaning to the language if no one has eternal life abiding in him.
  • Its been 31 years, since the law was introduced, yet the nation shows no scruples in abiding by the most futile system.
  • Nope, you said that the fraction of private transfer that are law-abiding is insignificant.
  • Purchase and possession (and carry) at 18 – 20 by the otherwise law-abiding is and should be no big deal; 21 is, in the end, as arbitrary (and asinine) an age limit for legal purchase as it is for alcohol.
  • If you believe in abiding by the laws of the land then that makes you anti-immagration?
  • And this was the main abiding-place of the Folk that I had chanced upon.
  • Obama, Edwards, Richardson and others showed good faith in abiding by the rules of the DNC and petitioned to have their names removed in both MI and FL – they were successful only in MI because FL maintained the names of the candidates on the ballot against their wishes.
  • Well, we honest, proud women believes in abiding by the established rules.
  • I guess they don't believe in abiding by the rules, Mrs Clinton would not be pushing the issue if the shoe was on the other foot.
  • And your assertion that the working classes were notoriously law-abiding is laughable, simply because laws back then criminalized debt.