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What is the meaning of abeyance in Hindi?

Meaning of abeyance in Hindi is : स्थगन

Definition of word abeyance

  • Expectancy of a title, its right in existence but its exercise suspended. (noun)
    एक शीर्षक की प्रत्याशा, अस्तित्व में इसका अधिकार लेकिन इसका अभ्यास निलंबित है।

Examples of word abeyance

  • And they would rather hold that money in abeyance for next year.
  • Futures is the award-winning science-fiction section of Nature, currently in abeyance in Nature itself but being published each month in Nature's monthly sister title, Nature Physics.
  • "If the socialistic spirit is to be held in abeyance in this country, businesses of this character (anthracite coal mining) must be handled with extraordinary caution."
  • It definitely feels that it cannot ignore Christ, is not capable of leaving Christ in abeyance and then otherwise leading a busy life.
  • But my impression of a suspended sentence is that it is held in abeyance unless the defendant completes a period of time without a further criminal offense.
  • Without fossil fuels, or some form of alternative energy that can be scaled up to the consumption level of fossil fuels, these non-adaptive social systems will collapse, and all the ferocity of tribal competitiveness, which they had been holding in abeyance, will appear.
  • In fact even the committed ones should put their decision in abeyance not because of popular vote or other but rather because Obama has not gone trough the procees of vetting.