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What is the meaning of abase in Hindi?

Meaning of abase in Hindi is : मानहानि

Definition of word abase

Examples of word abase

  • _Metaphore_ and _Abase_ and the rest, the Greeks then call it
  • 'Abase Dhryfuss!' an '' Abase Fr-rance! 'an' thin come th 'man on whom th' lies iv all th 'wurruld is cinthred.
  • Abase and remove them out of the sight of men. bind ... faces -- that is, shut up their persons [Maurer].
  • Stoicism at all times tends to fall, the tendency to cry, Abase yourselves!
  • Glory be to Thee, O Lord my God! Abase not him whom Thou hast exalted through the power of Thine everlasting sovereignty, and remove not far from Thee him whom Thou hast caused to enter the tabernacle of Thine eternity.
  • Abase them, then, by Thy might and power, and exalt such as have, wholly for Thy sake, set their faces towards Thee, that through them the ensigns of Thy glorification may be unfurled among all nations, and
  • Abase Thou, O my Lord, Thine enemies, and lay hold on them with Thy power and might, and let them be stricken by the blast of Thy wrath.
  • Olde Valendian Dictionary pt1 Abase - To humiliate or degrade.
  • Abase = lower, degrade, humiliate usage: Anna expected to have to curtsy to the king of Siam, whentold to cast herself down on the ground before him however, she refused toabase herself 2.