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What is the meaning of Yoghurt in Hindi?

Meaning of Yoghurt in Hindi is : दही
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Definition of word Yoghurt

  • Alternative spelling of yogurt. (noun)

Examples of word Yoghurt

  • Make your own at home with plain yoghurt, a dish towel, a collander and a bowl.
  • I once read that if you paint it with water with some plain yoghurt mixed in, it will quickly become mossy.
  • This morning, he got up with Joe, and for breakfast he ate a whole croissant and a serving of plain yoghurt with pureed blueberries and blackberries.
  • Like many yoghurts, strained yoghurt is often made from milk which has been enriched by boiling off some of the water content, or by adding extra butterfat and powdered milk.
  • Strained yoghurt, yoghurt cheese, labneh (Arabic لبنة), or Greek yoghurt is yoghurt which has been strained in a cloth or paper bag or filter, traditionally made of muslin, to remove the whey, giving a consistency between that of yoghurt and cheese, while preserving yoghurt's distinctive sour taste.

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