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What is the meaning of X ray in Hindi?

Meaning of X ray in Hindi is :
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Definition of word X ray

  • The letter X in the ICAO spelling alphabet. (noun)
  • Short wavelength electromagnetic radiation usually produced by bombarding a metal target in a vacuum. Used to create images of the internal structure of objects; this is possible because X-rays pass through most objects and can expose photographic film. (noun)
  • A radiograph: a photograph made with X-rays. (noun)
  • An X-ray machine. (noun)
  • The letter X in the ICAO spelling alphabet. (noun)
  • To take a radiograph of; to obtain an image of using X-ray radiation, especially for the purpose of medical diagnostic evaluation. (verb)
  • Of or having to do with X-rays. (adjective)

Examples of word X ray

  • Using a technique called X-ray crystallography, which allows scientists to visualize almost every atom in a protein, this mutant proved very unusual:
  • It had already begun to fill, so Richardson nodded his approval and told the nurse to call X-ray to send up a portable machine to make sure the blockage was gone.
  • The ID24 uses a technique known as X-ray absorption spectroscopy which determines the local geometric and electronic structure of matter by identifying which elements are present given their rates of absorbing X-rays.
  • "There is an evacuation zone, that means very few people are going to get doses even comparable to a chest X-ray, which is a pretty low radiation dose," Brenner added.
  • I review Harold’s chest X-ray, which is not perfect but still looks much better than the boy it represents.

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