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What is the meaning of Whip in Hindi?

Meaning of Whip in Hindi is : हांकनेवाला

Definition of word Whip

  • A lash; a pliant, flexible instrument, such as a rod (commonly of cane or rattan) or a plaited or braided rope or thong (commonly of leather) used to create a sharp "crack" sound for directing or herding animals (noun)
  • A member of a political party who is in charge of enforcing the party's policies in votes. (noun)
  • Whipped cream. (noun)
  • A purchase in which one block is used to gain a 2:1 mechanical advantage. (noun)
  • A mode of personal motorized transportation; an automobile, all makes and models including motorcycles, excluding public transportation. (noun)
  • A move in which one player transfers momentum to another. (noun)
  • To hit with a whip. (verb)
  • By extension, to hit with any flexible object. (verb)
  • To defeat. (verb)
  • To mix in a rapid aerating fashion, especially food. (verb)
  • To urge into action. (verb)
  • To bind the end of a rope with twine or other small stuff to prevent its unlaying: fraying or unravelling (verb)
  • To throw or kick an object at a high velocity. (verb)
  • To fish a body of water especially by making repeated casts. (verb)
  • To snap back and forth like a whip. (verb)
  • To move very fast. (verb)
  • (roller derby) To transfer momentum from one skater to another. (verb)

Examples of word Whip

  • Falstaff has said, that the _courtiers would_ whip _him with their quick wits_; but I know not that _whip_ can be used for a _scoff_ or _insult_, unless its meaning be fixed by the whole expression.
  • It must mean the whip with which the Trojans scourged the Greeks, which cannot be but by a very unusual construction, or the authour must have forgotten the original of the Romans; unless _whip_ has some meaning which includes
  • The popularization of ghost riding the whip is a byproduct of the popularity of Bay Area music and hyphy culture in general. heh
  • This classic rendition of Catwoman swinging a whip is an original design by artist Steve Rude and makes the perfect companion piece to Rude†™ s version of Batman in black and white.
  • The manner of sawing such timber, at the South, is by what they call a whip saw.


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